Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you Have the Right?

Do I have the right to attempt to change what is seen as "wrong" in my eyes? Don't I make mistakes as well? Don't I have thoughts and actions that are "undesirable" to others?
Then why try and change things?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weapon of Self Destrucion; the truth of i

I have always thought little of myself, as a person of no achievements and ongoing failure of plans,  that is if they ever initiated.  However, in that self-loathing dogma I believed I had maturity in my thoughts.
One of my negativities  that I could easily say “I hate myself” that it became a routine whenever I made a small mistake that no one cared about, not even me.  And one of the other routines I did was examining the mistakes of those close ones. Hypocritically,  I found myself to have done the same mistakes, the mistakes that sometimes have repulsed me. My surprised reaction was believing and saying “I became what I hate”.
 This loop of error and realization continued, as I assure you it will continue, and took a new form today. For today I took a peak through this loop and saw how many times it was repeated , that a large sum  of myself  was built from the reoccuring parts of different mistakes which eventually  evolved from “I became what I hate” to “I hate myself”