Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Girls, Cars and Food.

I am starting to hate the people in my area. I live in quite a lively area in Baghdad. The society where I live in is becoming more and more shallow. This is why there is very little hope for my country, the vast majority are dumb asses. And it's not like I can do something about it, I'm a coward.
Yep, If there's anything I learned in the last four years is that I'm live in the shadows of fear.
Funny how I used to advice people to "be brave".
However,I'm having a list of the things I fear in order to determine the negative aspects of me.
I wanted to write something positive about myself but couldn't bring myself to it, I can't, i find it very conceited.
On a somewhat different matter, I found out last year that my friends and family complete me. I can say that my parent's built me and my friends complete me, although I still learn from my parents.
I see my reflection in them, the effects of my actions.So maybe I'm the negative part and they're the positive one? I sure do hope so. I am starting to dislike the times when I keep criticizing myself.
Here's a link on how France was expected to be in the year 2000, these illustrations were made in 1900. It showed me how wild the mind is and somehow I saw that the vast imagination actually has limits.