Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What i became

My mind has become poisoned with tv shows and music.all thoughts of individuality have been drowned, all the time of contemplating has been consumed.
I have been making many mistakes,i have become what i always hated; lazy.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Fictional Melancholy

It took me a dead laptop all through spring vacation to start reading a novel.
This time it's "sweet tooth" by Ian McEwan.
I had many things to watch on my laptop. My most anticipated plan was to watch a favourite movie of mine  once daily.most of those,like "sweet tooth", are tragic.
I do like drama in that kind of way,in fact I feel a little happy when feeling a little sad....that kind of sad.
However I watching an video report about Mohammed christie,a strong willed young man from Egypt who was recently assassinated;I couldn't go on,I had to change the channel.
I thought I liked the saddness in why I read and viewed on the movies because they reflected reality.but I couldn't handle reality.
Though I'm 23 years old I learned from "turtles can fly" that I haven't matured yet. In after almost 2 years inshaaAllah I will; after graduating from med school and get a smack from reality during my rounds.