Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How Ghandi impacted my life

A few years ago I read Ghandi's autobiography without finishing it. And now, as I started to read it again from the beginning, I realized how much his words influenced me without knowing the total effect. It supported certain ideas the one that comes to mind is how unnecessary  sometimes is  to use any method of transport,be it public or not, as it can be substituted by walking.

His short-mentioned encounter with Nariyan Hemchandra also became a base for not caring about my looks as much.

He got me back in touch with spirituality and now I'm planning on reading Tolstoy's  "the kingdom of heaven is within you"

Looking back,I now know how many times I tried to implement Satiyagraha, non-violence, into my life.z however I doubt I was successful; I still lose myelf when I'm angry and I still am accused of being aggressive whenever I become excited in any discussion. I should add that I'm not angry in those discussions, I'm actually toi passionate in attempting to explain myself ,my thoughts and my point of view to the person in front of me that I seem emotionally unchecked.
And as much as I find it spiritually levitating I don't think it's possible to apply it in real life. To me Ghandi was lucky, if we applied this in Iraq, most of us would get killed by people of the same country. Besides, what's going on in Iraq now was an eye opener, of all the Iraqis believed in non-violence, which is more fictional than a centaur,Iraq would be wiped away by ISIS.

All in all it's been a great experience as it's the forest biography I read and undoubtly I'll read more insha-Allah.