Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Life is

Life's too short to finish the 735 things on my to do list, too short to reach enlightenment by meditation, too short to become in peace  with myself, to hang out with friends all the time,to read every book that was suggested to me by a friend, to learn about all the religions of the world , to study philosophy, to become rich and powerful and change the world by that power, to watch every documentary on national geographic and vice news and to learn Latin, French, and Italian.
Obviously, it's impossible to do all these things in one day, which is why I run away and hide under my blanket raging a webtoon.
I've fallen a victim to procrastination, and I've lingered in my comfort zone for so long that anything else would be considered of anguish and hardship.
But may be, just may be, I'm looking at"life" differently. I am talking about "life" but I'm probably thinking of "today".
Perhaps If I prioritize my goals I'd be able to achieve at least one of them.... And that would mean the work to me, I'd feel productive and would value myself some my time, and above all, I'd be happy.
After, all you need is a willing heart.